Friday, June 2, 2017

Mother's Day Photoshoot

On Mother's Day evening, we went to a local flower farm. Jonathan had been there several times before while Lauren and I were visiting my parents in BC. The day before, we had actually gone there with some friends on Sabbath afternoon in hopes of being able to see the grounds at the back, which is often booked for weddings. There was a wedding that Saturday, though, so Jonathan called on Sunday to see if it would be free sometime and found out that there were no weddings scheduled that day, so we were finally able to look around there. We took quite a few photos while we were there and these are the results. Enjoy the view through Jonathan's lens. :)

This chicken was roaming the grounds and Lauren was fascinated with it.
Just after this shot, she moved one step closer and that was too close for the chicken, who put up a fuss and
scared Lauren quite a bit. But later when she saw the chicken again, she wanted to go right back up to it...
She enjoyed going up and down these stairs many times


  1. What a gorgeous place! Great photo subjects as well!

  2. Wow, such cute pictures, just love them and the subjects too.

  3. Beautiful pictures! And nice to see the place behind the scenes. It's amazing how blue Lauren's eyes look even when far away.