Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A name for Baby G #2

Since it took five days after Lauren's birth to decide on a name for her, we didn't really focus on choosing a name ahead of time for this baby. We casually talked about names a few times during the last month or so of my pregnancy, but figured it would probably take us several days to name the baby after it was born anyway so no need concern ourselves about it too much beforehand.

Well, we definitely didn't think that it would take us even longer to name this baby than it had taken us with Lauren! A whole nine days after Baby G #2 was born - after waffling between the three girls names we could kind of agree on - we finally decided on one. So, without further ado, we'd like to introduce to all of you...

Camden Reese

Meaning of the names:

Camden: Enclosed or winding valley (English/Scottish origins).

Reese: Ardent, fiery (English/Welsh origins).


  1. Yay, glad I can call my beautiful little niece by name now!

  2. Such a sweet name for an even sweeter little one. Love her name and her, too!!